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Welcome To The Northern Illinois Small Business Association (NISBA)

NISBA was created to bring together local business owners, representatives, clubs & charities with the residents in Northern Illinois.  Our mission is to inform both local consumers as well as local businesses, services and clubs available to residents and people visiting or wanting to do business in Northern Illinois. NISBA is the voice of small business and the advocate for local consumers. The services provided by NISBA can make you a better informed and more satisfied consumer by Providing information about a company before you do business with it. Providing you with good consumer information so that you can make intelligent buying decisions. 


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Who Are We?

Members of the NISBA are small business owners & organizations in Northern Illinois committed to improving the entrepreneurial environment and the consumer experience. NISBA’s mission is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust in Northern Illinois.

Why is NISBA needed?

NISBA is designed to be a conduit between the small business owner and the local consumer. NISBA only allows licensed, insured and when necessary certified companies. NISBA Accreditation signifies trust & integrity.


As a member you will gain many business benefits including:


Make new business contacts and network with business owners throughout the Northern Illinois Area.

Educational Seminars

Attend educational seminars and learn valuable information to help your business grow!


Promote your business with articles in the Northern Illinois Small Business Association website & social media channels.

Business Advice

Have access to exclusive information and advice from other business owners.

Cost Savings

Take advantage of promotions & opportunities exclusively for our members!

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List your business in our Association's yearly directory and newsletter.

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Northern Illinois Small Business Association Members

Our goal is simple

To improve commerce and the relationship between consumer and entrepreneur in Northern Illinois. We do this so wheels that drive business can benefit: community, prosperity, charity, and humanity. We cultivate and enhance the consumer commerce experience with local Northern Illinois small businesses so we can cultivate a better future.