Our  NISBA Code represents sound advertising, selling and customer service practices/experiences that enhance customer trust and confidence in working with local businesses in Northern Illinois. To be accredited by NISBA a business or organization affirms that it meets and will abide by the following standards:

  • Membership brings credibility to your business. You can increase positive perception among consumers and business owners when you’re identified as a member of NISBA. As a member you will have authorized use of the NISBA logo in all your marketing and advertising as long as your membership is valid.
  • Professional Development. NISBA Members can take part in several programs and seminars throughout the year that allow them to grow and develop new skills.

  • Increase your visibility in the community. As a member of the Northern Illinois Small Business Association, you will be listed on the NISBA website, in the NISBA e-newsletter & on Facebook. You also can grow your business by advertising with the chamber and sponsoring events. The chamber may also promote your grand opening/ ribbon-cutting ceremony to the public that you may have with your local chamber of commerce.
  • Create networking opportunities. You can build your business while promoting developments of interest to local businesses and the community at large.
  • Make business contacts. NISBA’s most fundamental mission is to generate more business activity for the community. NISBA initiates more business-to-business commerce and more opportunities for networking and connecting local professionals than is available through most other local organizations.
  • Receive NISBA newsletters. Newsletters provide new member information, interesting information about operating a local business, articles about the local community.
  • Customer Facing Newsletters. Each week NISBA will send out newsletters to consumers throughout Northern Illinois. Only NISBA approved members will be able to showcase their business.
  • Acquire customer referrals. Every day, NISBA receives calls from individuals and businesses looking for potential vendors, and NISBA approved companies will be referred throughout Northern Illinois.
  • NISBA events and programs. NISBA events and programs provide members with great opportunities to get to know new people and expand their prospect base. NISBA events are innovative and fun ways to help members meet potential customers, clients and vendors— and generate new business leads.

  • Bring guests to events. Share our messages and invite others to help spread the word about your business. Join in our mission of promoting businesses, community, and quality of life for consumers and business owners alike in NISBA.

  • Access to members-only discounts and services. NISBA has a member-to-member discount program where a NISBA members can offer discounts to other NISBA affiliated companies. 

  • Business Referrals– NISBA promotes its members whenever possible. We encourage our members to refer other businesses within NISBA as they are already certified businesses.  Business referrals by NISBA staff via phone, office visitors, online business directory and social media.


Membership Values

  • 12 Month- NISBA Membership
  • Welcome bags – Given out to new NISBA members providing discounts on services for other NISBA Members.
  • NISBA Networking Event invitations.
  • Referral opportunities from consumers that call into NISBA.
  • Post your events to the NISBA Calendar.
  • Business Listed on the NISBA Online Directory.
  • New Membership highlighted in the NISBA Advocate Newsletter.
  • 1 Free 30-minute consultation with a NISBA Approved Marketing / Promotional company to strategize growth of your business.
  • 1 Free 30-minute consultation with a NISBA Approved Bookkeeping company.
  • 1 Free 30-minute consultation with a NISBA Approved Small Business HR Consulting company.

Marketing & Advertising

  • Use of the NISBA Logo.
  • Social Media – Twitter & Facebook Welcome Post
  • Social Media – Opportunity to Spotlight your business on NISBA Social Media Posts.
  • Business Listed on the NISBA Online Directory.
  • New Membership highlighted in the NISBA Advocate Newsletter.
  • Weekly Advertising opportunities on the NISBA Advocate Newsletter.
  • Low Cost Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities at Events.
  • Member-Only approved trade shows.
  • Member-Only Discounts to NISBA customer facing events.
  • Opportunity to host a mixer or workshop opportunity.

If you are interested in joining the Northern Illinois Small Business Association please contact us at 847-416-8501 or click here.

If you are interested in joining the Northern Illinois Small Business Association please contact us By clicking here

Expectations In Joining the Northern Illinois Small Business Association?

Brand Recognition
Marketing Opportunities
Networking Leads
Relevant Resources
Community Involvement
Engaging Events