Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome To The Northern Illinois Small Business Association (NISBA)

NISBA was created to bring together local business owners, representatives, clubs & charities with the residents in Northern Illinois.  Our mission is to inform both local consumers as well as local businesses, services and clubs available to residents and people visiting or wanting to do business in Northern Illinois. NISBA is the voice of small business and the advocate for local consumers. The services provided by NISBA can make you a better informed and more satisfied consumer by Providing information about a company before you do business with it. Providing you with good consumer information so that you can make intelligent buying decisions. 


Here are some of the Frequently asked questions we’ve been asked about the Northern Illinois Small Business Association (NISBA):

What is the Northern Illinois Small business Association (NISBA)?
We provide a voice for business owners and consumers alike in the Northern Illinois area. We are here to help businesses succeed. We do this by providing INVOLVEMENT opportunities, EDUCATION experiences, business ADVOCACY and MARKETING prospects. We are comprised of businesses, professionals, industries, and individuals who are licensed and insured in their craft. We are not affiliated with any city or government agency. We are truly a business association run by business owners, for business owners.

How Do I Become A Member of NISBA?
We have made joining NISBA easy! Simply fill out our Online Application and we will get you what you need. You may also contact any of our Leadership team.

Why do you require a License or Insurance?
One of the biggest issues homeowners complain about is finding local reputable companies to do business with. It seems like everyone could be a guy in a truck, build a website and market themselves on social media. Being a licensed business (whether in your industry, state license or LLC License) and business insurance elevates you as being an actual business. NISBA’s goal is to connect reputable licensed and insured businesses with the community. This is why we have requirements to join NISBA compared to other organizations.

What does it cost?
Membership dues are $199 per year. We find this to be an affordable amount for small business owners to participate with our organization.

Are dues tax deductible?
Dues are a one size fits all approach. NISBA Dues are deductible for federal income tax purposes as a business expense.

Can I Pay For a Membership with my Credit Card?
Of course you can! NISBA accepts Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover for payment of Membership Dues, Publications, Marketing Services & all Networking Events.

What geographic area do you represent?
NISBA covers businesses throughout Northern Illinois and businesses that would like to target consumers in Northern Illinois. Whether you’re in McHenry, Lake, Kane, Boone or Cook Counties we are here to serve you and your business in promoting your brand. We have also had inquiries from business owners in Southern Wisconsin who would like to participate with NISBA.

How Can I Get More Involved With NISBA?
This is our favorite question! As a brand new association we have targeted goals and opportunities for our members to be involved in. By being a new association we also have a completely clean slate where our members are encouraged to see how we can all work together to make an idea happen.

What types of programs does NISBA offer?
NISBA offers a wide variety of programs for our members, most of which are included in the cost of your membership. We offer professional development seminars, as well as a wide variety of educational, marketing, networking and business related programs. We also offer networking and promotional opportunities for both businesses and consumers. Finally, we are offering promotional products and printing discounts just by being a NISBA member.

How Can My Business Get exposure through NISBA?
We currently have two Facebook groups we allow our members to post content in as they are run by the NISBA leadership group. We are offering our members “included” sponsorship opportunities with your membership as well as the opportunity to sponsor other events as they come out. There will be many ways to get your name in front of not only other business owners, but also HOMEOWNERS! We invite you to sit down with us or call us and see what might be the best fit for you?

How do I sign up for the NISBA email list so I can be informed about upcoming events?
We will have two different email lists you can participate in. One will be for our members and the other will be targeted towards members and consumers. To sign up to receive NISBA’s Newsletter & Emails, contact us through email.

If I’m not able to attend events and committee meetings, can I send an employee?
All employees of NISBA Member businesses are Members, so everyone in your organization is welcome to attend and/or participate! In fact, many of our seminars and trainings are aimed at employees. Watch for information in our newsletter announcing programs and events that might be of interest to you or your employees!

How do I update by business listing?
Unlike other organizations, we will not be charging for any enhanced listing using the same web software. You have access to EVERYTHING being a NISBA member. We have a couple of great options that will not only keep your information up to date, but also keep you up to date on what’s happening inside NISBA. One way is to login into our Member page. This gives you full access to your Membership listing, Job Postings, Hot Deals or any Events you have for your business. All you need to login is set up your Membership login information. If you’ve don’t have one or have forgotten your login don’t worry! 

Another great tool we have is for you is the MemberPlus app for your mobile device! This app is available on all smartphone app stores. You do need your login information to access this amazing tool. Once you login you are able to search our Membership Directory, add an Event, Hot Deal or Job Posting. You can also updated your profile/account information all on your phone! Sign up to receive notifications from us here at NISBA.

Will a NISBA Membership grow my sales?
NISBA will offer opportunities to be consumer facing through our Facebook group pages, Business page and other marketing opportunities. Being an organization run by business owners, for business owners, we know that if you’re going to invest money into an association, you want to be able to see an ROI. We will allow consultations with industry leaders in the community on marketing, business operations and others to streamline your business and generate sales. We will also allow the opportunity to participate in many of our free and sponsored advertising opportunities.

NISBA membership has its rewards.  As a current member of the NISBA, you can promote your business to other NISBA members through your participation in our Member to Member Discount Program.  Here‘s the way it works.  You list your business as a participating member at no cost to you, specifying what discount you are making available to other NISBA members and their employees as well as any restrictions.  As an example, a restaurant may offer 10% off, or a free dessert with lunch or dinner, or a complimentary dessert with the purchase of two or more entrees; a bank may offer a free box of complimentary checks, safe deposit box for new business and/or personal accounts; an accounting firm may offer a 10% discount for new clients, etc.  We publish your offer to the entire NISBA membership and other business owners, and their employees use your products and services.  You acquire new business, and they get a break when using your products or services.

Can I use the NISBA logo on my website, advertisements, and promotional items?
We would LOVE to have you show you’re a NISBA member! If you would like a digital copy of our Northern Illinois Small Business Association logo contact our office at

How does NISBA help me give back to the community?
NISBA provides management support to many charitable organizations throughout Northern Illinois. We will have events that support local charities. The gaol will be to help local 501(c) charities that do good work throughout all of Northern Illinois. It’s a synergy that benefits local businesses and residents, and proves the value of doing well by doing good.

What is the NISBA Privacy Policy?
NISBA does not disclose or share any personal information collected on this website. All payments are made using a secured shopping cart on this website.

What its he NISBA Refund Policy?
NISBA does not give refunds on any goods or services. If you have any questions please contact us at

Is NISBA a member of the US Chamber?
Quite simply, No. We’re a non-partisan organization focused on community growth and development for both business owners and consumers. This group has been developed by local Northern Illinois Businesses to help facilitate the needs of a new age. Coupling Marketing and Technology together to Connect Consumers and Commerce.

Is NISBA a government agency affiliated with the Small Business Association Government Agency?
No. The name is solely designed to be an association fo small business owners throughout Northern Illinois. One organization to help multiple communities and licensed/insured business owners connect together.


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Membership Values

  • 12 Month- NISBA Membership
  • Welcome bags – Given out to new NISBA members providing discounts on services for other NISBA Members.
  • NISBA Networking Event invitations.
  • Referral opportunities from consumers that call into NISBA.
  • Post your events to the NISBA Calendar.
  • Business Listed on the NISBA Online Directory.
  • New Membership highlighted in the NISBA Advocate Newsletter.
  • 1 Free 30-minute consultation with a NISBA Approved Marketing / Promotional company to strategize growth of your business.
  • 1 Free 30-minute consultation with a NISBA Approved Bookkeeping company.
  • 1 Free 30-minute consultation with a NISBA Approved Small Business HR Consulting company.

Marketing & Advertising

  • Use of the NISBA Logo.
  • Social Media – Twitter & Facebook Welcome Post
  • Social Media – Opportunity to Spotlight your business on NISBA Social Media Posts.
  • Business Listed on the NISBA Online Directory.
  • New Membership highlighted in the NISBA Advocate Newsletter.
  • Weekly Advertising opportunities on the NISBA Advocate Newsletter.
  • Low Cost Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities at Events.
  • Member-Only approved trade shows.
  • Member-Only Discounts to NISBA customer facing events.
  • Opportunity to host a mixer or workshop opportunity.

If you are interested in joining the Northern Illinois Small Business Association please contact us at 847-416-8501 or click here.

If you are interested in joining the Northern Illinois Small Business Association please contact us by clicking here

Expectations In Joining the Northern Illinois Small Business Association?

Brand Recognition
Marketing Opportunities
Networking Leads
Relevant Resources
Community Involvement
Engaging Events